Consigna is a new product developed by EUN Group in order to strengthen control of deliveries of what we need to move to another user.

Keywords control who has deposited the object / product / documentation etc. for delivery and when it has been done. In this process the receiver receives a notification confirming the sender has deposited the item. Likewise, the sender receives a notification confirming when it has been picked up by the receiver.

Consigna EUN


The EUN Workstation range developed by EUN Group is conceived as work furniture for individual use, which offers a base to connect to the Internet. It has built-in wifi and gives the user the option to connect all kinds of devices (laptop, iPad, smartphone...). It has a space for a trolley, clothing and other belongings, and can serve in a private or public setting. This piece of furniture creates a space that can be rented or used free of charge, as much in private corporations as in airports, train or bus stations, libraries...

This product series offers the possibility of installing a set of furniture or furnishings of different sizes according to the needs of the organization the service demands.